The performance is totally dialled but there's a sticking point over the price

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E13 Plus Pedal


E13 Plus Pedal review


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The new E13 Plus Pedal platform borrows heavily from the old E13 LG1 pedal originally developed for its gravity range.

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Using 22 studs in total, each concave pedal is pretty big, and also reasonably slim at 16mm in the centre and 18mm at the edges.

The E13 Plus Pedal is lighter than the previous LG1 and, if this CNC’d, all-aluminium, version is too much money, there’s also a composite ‘Base’ model that’s almost £100 cheaper and also around 20g lighter. There’s a double-stacked bearing pair on the outer edge and E*Thirteen uses higher quality bearings compared to the Base model’s bushings on the inboard side. These large-diameter bearings require a raised housing next to the crank-arm that’s not on the old LG1s or the composite version, though.

This inner bump raised a few worries, as I’ve had pedals in the past with similar shapes that have sat uncomfortably under foot. Fortunately these proved unfounded with the Plus pedal, as my feet (in size 43 Five Tens) didn’t notice them, and overall platform positioning and grip levels proved to be excellent. The 100 x 110mm platform has enough of a dished-out shape to centre and grip the foot nicely, so shoe hold 
is excellent.

Bearing life has been good too. So far they’ve coped with high mileage in crappy winter conditions on an e-bike and there’s still zero wobble or play in the bearings. Plus, it’s hard to prove, but I’ve accidentally smashed these on tons of rocks in the Lakes and elsewhere and the axles and body have handled impacts I’m convinced would have bent or damaged some pedals — so they are definitely strong.

While the performance is totally dialled, the sticking point is price. You’ll pay a significant price premium for E*Thirteen’s high-end looks over rivals that are just as good. Whether that premium 
is worth paying is up to you.


Colours:Black, blue, red