Highly regarded downhill pedal reinvented for the trail

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  • Excellent platform with tons of grip and a great shape
  • Quality, durable build


  • If anything there's too much grip — it's hard to adjust position on the fly


Burgtec Penthouse MK IV Flat Pedal Review


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Over the past decade the Penthouse flat has earned near legendary status on the downhill scene. Several DH racers have landed World Cup podiums on them and now, fortunately for trail riders, Burgtec has refined the older pedal from a huge, heavy block to a much slimmer platform for 2014.

The body is still hewn from a solid aluminium billet with massive studs on this latest Mark IV version but, crucially, the weight is now competitive at under 450g. With its 16mm thickness and 1mm of concavity, the pedal has an excellent platform, and a new double bush and single bearing internal layout means it should cope with years of abuse.

Tons of grip from eight aggressive bottom-loading pins means shifting around in a sticky-soled shoe isn’t an option. The Penthouse also quickly mashes up the soles on your shoes and there were a few more instances of crashing pedals against shins as the taller pins encourage the pedal to flip over.

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Burgtec’s proven reliability is now cheaper than ever, and if you’re after the ultimate in grip, then look no further. We’d actually prefer a less locked-on feel, and if shorter studs were a stock option we’d rate this as one of the best trail-riding flat pedals around.


Pins (per side):8