Fox-made mudguard purpose-built for your chunky 36 and 38 forks... is it worth the chunky price though?

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Fox 36/38 XL Mudguard


  • Stiff, wide coverage and solid as a rock.


  • Harder to mount than rivals


Fox 36/38 XL Mud Guard review


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These purpose-made mudguards from Fox are designed to work seamlessly with Fox 36 and 38 forks. Like the best mountain bike mudguards, the XL slots into place underneath the brace. It’s slightly higher at the front than the back, which allows a bit of wiggle room when running 2.5in tyres.

The difference between this and most regular designs isn’t the fact that it bolts in place on the back of the fork brace – several manufacturers have those type of guards available – but that the guard extends down and loops over the air ‘bleeder’ ports on Fox lower legs, creating a more secure three-point fixing.

Getting the small bolts into the back of the brace is a little bit of a faff and you also have to remove washer underneath the bleeders, and remember to keep those somewhere safe for when you remove it – I didn’t.

Fox 36/38 XL Mud Guard

Fox 36/38 XL Mud Guard

Once installed, the XL is really solid – it doesn’t rattle or rub on the tyre, even when you pick up a load of dirt. It’s not quite as long at the front as the test-winning Rapid Racer Products ProGuard or Mucky Nutz Mugguard, but it’s ever so slightly wider and is stiffer.

I also found that when you rest the bike on the guard – such as when transporting it with the wheel removed – it didn’t permanently bend out of shape.

Fox 36/38 XL Mud Guard

Fox 36/38 XL Mud Guard

Currently Fox is offering two lengths of guard, the XL here and the standard, which is about the third of the size. It costs £5 less but I wouldn’t bother; just get the big dog. Your eyes and clothes will thank you.

It is a shame Fox isn’t offering anything for its smaller diameter 32 and 34 forks. I do realise those don’t have bleeders, but maybe a lighter guard that just bolts on would work, it’s what RRP and others already do.


If you run a Fox 36 or 38, this is a must-buy. It’s solid, secure and offers a ton of splatter protection.


Sizes:Standard (£24.99) or XL Fits Fox 36 and 38 forks