Build quality of Nightrider Pro 4200 Enduro is excellent and we like the carry case, but it’s heavy system and lacks run time to challenge the best on test.

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Nightrider Pro 4200 Enduro light


Nightrider Pro 4200 Enduro light review


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With a claimed 4,200 lumens, the Nightrider Pro 4200 Enduro is the brightest Nightrider light we’ve ever tested. As you can probably see from the beam pattern photo, the actual brightness doesn’t tally with what’s claimed, but it’s still up there with the very best on test. The problem is, this also the most expensive light we’ve ever tested from Nightrider, and while on paper you get a lot for your money, other lights here are better value.

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The lamp unit uses a Dupont Nylon composite body and houses six Cree LEDS, three of which are hidden behind custom reflectors. The idea is they defuse the light for those close in features. It attaches to the handlebar using a three-position clamp – this centres the light over the stem and fits all bar diameters, however it’s bulky and adds to the significant overall weight.

The battery is an eight-cell unit that is long and slim and attaches to the frame using twin Velcro straps. It doubles as a fuel cell and also features a charging light. There’s a fuel gauge on the lamp itself, but with only four LEDS they don’t seem to drop off at the same rate.

The Pro 4200 Enduro features a handy remote switch, which is illuminated, but the tether is too short for bars wider than about 720mm. The remote does allow you to access the six light modes, but you do have to work your way through all of the settings to do so.

With a claimed 4,200 lumens, the Nightrider Pro 4200 Enduro puts out a massive amount of light and we could see for miles. Unfortunately, there’s a real hard edge to the bottom of the beam, and on full whack the burn time really suffers – it lasted just over an hour.


Lumen:4200, 200, 1000
Run time:1.3 ,2, 2.45, 5.3hrs