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Tested: Light & Motion Seca 900 Ultra £599.99

It is unfortunate that on such a capable and well-specced light, the first thing that catches your eye is the battery pack. OK, it does push out 900 lumens for over three-and-a-half hours, but every tester slated the battery for being too big and unwieldy for everyday (or night) use. It is 570g on its own, over six inches long and could be tricky to frame-mount for that reason.
That is a real shame, though, because those same testers universally loved the light. It packs a lot of power and places it very effectively down the trail, with a piercing long-range beam combined with close-in flood achieved with clever use of the six LEDs and lens diffusers.

The switching is easy to use too, with a large metal push-button illuminated and easy to stab at with gloves when you want to switch between brightness settings.

You will just need to consider whether you need the extra run time on the Ultra. If not, take a look at the standard 900 Race and you will still get 2.5 hours run time with 200g less battery weight. Well worth considering either of these, but very pricey.

Mbr rating: 8

Light: Light & Motion Seca 900 Ultra
Price: £599.99
Weight: 720g
Burn time on max: 3 hours 43min
900 lumens
Battery type: Velcro on hardcase
Brightness settings: 3 + flash
Comes with bar mount and helmet mount

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