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Moon Vortex Pro


Moon Vortex Pro light review


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Although the Moon Vortex Pro is sold as 900 lumens, we found it was almost indistinguishable from the Blackburn Central 650 lumen unit on test.

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Not a problem really as both are more than up to helmet duties with their soft centre heavy light and all in one design.

As with the Blackburn, the Moon is micro USB charging (a big tick in our book) but instead of a single universal mount the Moon comes with two dedicated units for bar and helmet.

moon vortex pro

This is a better idea as the helmet mount fits right across the board, adjusts easily and holds without too much wobble – a bit of elastic in the strap would have helped cinch it down more effectively.

It also comes with a wired remote switch, long enough to velcro onto the side of the helmet for easier access on the move.

This isn’t a bad idea as the main switch is a little flush to the unit and hard to locate with gloved hands.

Also, it doesn’t have a positive enough click for feedback that you are in the right place when you do jab at it successfully.

Using the remote helps a little but adds to the faff and setup of course, and many testers have chosen not to bother after the first ride or two.

The battery is an easily removed and replaced 18650 Li-Ion number, handy if you find yours getting tired over time, or are keen enough to want to carry a spare for long overnight journeys.


Weight:144g w/ mounting hardware
Run time:Max 1:45 hrs