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Blackburn Central 650


Blackburn Central 650 light review


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The Blackburn Central 650 comes with what they describe as a ‘universal mount,’ which is supposed to manage both bar and helmet mount duties.

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It very nearly does, with a long rubber band underneath the swivelling light bracket allowing a lot of flexibility and fitting easily to most of our test team’s helmets.

The vent layout on our POC Trabec, however, is just beyond it. Fortunately it is GoPro mount compatible, so we have just dusted off an old helmet mount and substituted that with seamless results – might be worth checking before you buy if you will need to do the same.

blackburn central 650

Light quality is excellent, with the moderately-specced 650 lumens placed in a soft centre spot with just enough peripheral to keep you informed of your surroundings without it being too distracting.

The power button on helmet lights is very important – it has to be prominent enough to be found with thick gloves on, and the click has to be positive enough to let you know you have connected and are jabbing in the right place.

The Blackburn is both, with every tester pleased with the ease of adjustment on the fly.

A micro usb port for charging makes life much easier – and neater at home – by eliminating the need for a dedicated adapter, and while it could have been lighter on the helmet it wasn’t unreasonable.

We like this light a lot, and every tester has been surprised to hear the price – a bit of a steal if you ask us – but don’t be surprised if you have to pony up for an additional GoPro helmet mount.


Weight:162g w/ mounting hardware
Run time:Max 2 hrs