A really intense white light with a good oval-shaped beam

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Lupine Piko 4


Lupine Piko 4 light review


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With a separate lamp and battery, the weight of the Piko 4 is spread evenly from front to back on a helmet.

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The mount has a tilt adjustment and is low profile, so there’s no issue with clearance; you can even route the cable through a vent to keep things neat and tidy.

The battery fastens at the back with a sturdy Velcro strap, but if you use the extension cable (Lupine actually sells these in loads of different lengths) you can also stash it in a pocket or backpack.


Run time is displayed on the battery via a row of red LEDs, and there’s an audible alarm.

However, the Piko is compatible with the new Lupine Light Control app and also comes with the Bluetooth remote. This means you can check the run time and also manage beam intensity with a quick swipe of your phone.

There’s also a lot of light on offer — the Piko 4’s twin lamps bang out 1,468 lumens on full beam. It’s a really intense white light, with a good oval-shaped beam.

In fact the Piko 4 would be a good bar light, and there’s even a handlebar mount included in the box to make the switch.


Lumens:1,500, 750, 500
Run time:1.45, 3.3, 5hr