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Lumicycle Apogee Extender Kit light


Lumicycle Apogee Extender Kit light review


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Lumicycle Apogee Extender Kit has all new components, increased power and – importantly – new lenses for the four CREE XPL LEDs to improve the beam spread.

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When we criticised the Lumicycle Explorer Plus for having too centre weighted a beam pattern last year, someone in Lumicycle was listening.

Lumicycle Apogee Extender Kit

Straight out the starting blocks we are impressed with the new beam – a slightly less centre heavy spread with smooth transitions and plenty of close in light with no real harsh hot-spots or shadows.

The bar mount is still a bit of a faff, with pins needing pushed out and additional sections added if you want to extend up to oversize bars; if you have different bikes with different clamp sizes this could be a bind. Even having a spare mount would entail removing it with an allen key each changeover. Other than that the weight is a bit of an issue, coming in at near 700g, compared to the Exposure at 422g – quite a difference – but the quality and reliability are as good as ever with this solid British brand.


Weight (with mounting hardware):698g
Run Time/Max:2 hrs