A good value light but the mounta makes it feel pendulous

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Lezyne Macro Drive 600 XL Loaded


Lezyne Macro Drive 600 XL Loaded lights review

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The Lezyne Macro Drive 600 XL Loaded is made from extruded and machined aluminium, housing twin LEDs. The Loaded title means it comes with a helmet mount, as well as the standard bar mount and hardshell box.

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Curiously though, you do have to use the rubber bar mount to attach the light to its helmet mount, piggy-backing it on top. It’s very secure but it means the light sticks up above your helmet by 30mm more than it really needs to and, together with the extra rubber, makes the unit feel a touch heavy and pendulous.

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There are two light modes to choose from; Economy has four fixed beam settings, a pulse and a flash mode — all selected by holding down the on/off button — and Race Mode (our choice when testing), which lets you toggle between a high and low beam.


The beam is well-focused with enough power to pick out details in the trail. It’s not crazy powerful, but it’s hard to ignore the incredible value. At half the price of the Exposure, it’s only let down by the high-slung mount.

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Weight:173 grams
Lumens:High - 524, Medium - 320, Low - 193, Extra Low - 19
Run time:1.3, 3, 7 hours