This model is the Hope R2 Epic mountain bike light, which has a bigger four-cell battery pack that doubles the run time compared to the standard R2.

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Hope R2 Epic light


Hope R2 Epic light review


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Having tested the R4+ for the last two years we thought we’d take a look at the Hope R2 Epic this time round. On high beam the R2 puts out about 1,000 lumens for over two hours. One of the reasons we wanted to take a look at the R2 is because it can easily double as a bar or helmet light and even has all the fittings for both included in the box. You also get a head strap, so you can use it for other sports like fell running and orienteering.

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hope r2 epic

Using the lightweight machined clamp, you can mount the R2 centrally over the stem without needing rubber shims. This clamp features a twist-in bayonet fitting, allowing you to quick-release the lamp unit when not in use. It’s the same up top, although we’d probably go with the lighter dual-cell battery to reduce weight.

The Li-Ion battery comes in a durable plastic hard case. It still doesn’t fit that well round a frame tube but it has a five-stage fuel gauge, coiled cable and comes with a dedicated charger. The lamp also gets an energy preserve feature, dimming the light in steps as you run down the battery.

The R2 has Race and Trail sequences with three modes in each. You can access them with long or short presses of the on/off button and this button also displays a unique colour for each setting. However, Trail mode doesn’t really mean trail riding as the R2 only has a 200, 40 lumen and a flashing option, so we left it in Race for most of this test.

The Hope R2 Epic has a crisp bright beam, which is pretty even with no goofy hot spots or dark areas. On fast fire road sections, we could have done with a bit more power to see further ahead, but in the tight twisty stuff the R2 is more than adequate, especially when mated to a 800-900 lumen helmet light. With a great clamp and excellent build quality, the R2 is a great all-rounder for bar or helmet use.


Lumen:2200, 1450, 850
Run time:2, 2.45, 5.3hrs