If you can live with external battery pack the illumination is excellent

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Hope R2 light


Hope R2 light review


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As the only helmet mount on our test to still require an external battery pack, the Hope R2 is a perfect reminder on just how much lights have come on.

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Placing the battery pack on our helmet is heavy and cumbersome, while using the supplied extension lead to put the battery in our packs just makes for for irritating cable tangles. There was a day when all lights required this, so long live the integrated battery design!

hope r2

If you can cope with this headache then the light from the R2 is excellent, with a diffused, centre heavy beam ideal for use as a helmet mount. With a single hour run time on maximum it requires some output juggling to go the distance, but the good news is that 1300 lumens is more than enough so we generally keep it on medium where the run time rarely gives an issue. If you want more you can always punt for the 4 cell battery option that doubles up the run time. Both battery options come with a handy five segment, push button level meter on the battery itself.

The fit and finish is also superb as you would expect from Hope, with each mount supplied – helmet, bar and headtorch – a triumph of engineering while the machined alloy head unit is beautifully made. The helmet mount does place it rather high, so we are very careful when tackling singletrack through overhanging branches where it can easy catch and jerk the helmet back.


(with mounting hardware):338g
Run time/max:1 hrs