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Gloworm X2 Adventure


Gloworm X2 Adventure light review


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The X2 Adventure is a lighter version of the X2 we tested two years ago.

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It gets a machined head unit with twin lamps, but uses a lighter twin-cell Lithium Ion battery rather than the old four-cell unit.

Cutting the weight and bulk makes it more suitable for helmet use, and to facilitate this Gloworm includes a new GoPro compatible helmet mount in the box.


To increase stability on the handlebar, Gloworm has also ditched the old O-ring design for a new reinforced plastic clamp. This is adjustable, but only up to 31.8mm, so you’re going to have to splash out another £12.99 if you’re running 35mm diameter bars.

Tethered to the lamp is a wired remote. It attaches to a plastic plinth (zip-tied to the bars) with Velcro, but the cable that goes to the lamp is still too short — the wider your bar the bigger the problem.

The battery comes with a four LED fuel gauge this year but Gloworm still needs to work on the shape so it fits better.

On full power, the X2 only gets 1,222 lumens, but the beam is really even with no hotspots or shadows.

A lightweight, well-made system, Gloworm just needs to extend that cable!


Lumens:1,500, 750, 250
Run time:1.75, 3, 6hr