The Exposure Joystick MK10 is light and offers infinite adjustment, easily justifying its premium price

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Exposure Joystick MK10


Exposure Joystick MK10 light review

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The Exposure Joystick MK10 has been around for ages and it’s easy to see why. The fitting system beats every other light we’ve tested hands down: a ball-and-socket style cradle mount attaches through the vents of your helmet, holding the light steady and offering infinite adjustment. It’s also very easy to whip out of its cradle, allowing you to use it as a torch if required.

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The Joystick has programmable settings, so you can choose the sequence of power-modes and associated run times to suit your riding. This updated Mark 10 Joystick delivers more than its claimed 800 lumens, making it the most powerful helmet light on test, alongside the Volt. The beam pattern is good too, focused enough to fire down the trail, but with sufficient spill for peripheral light too.

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The Joystick is the lightest of our six headlamps that we tested, has the most power, features the best mount, charges quickly and lasts a good amount of time. It’s expensive, but we think that it’s easily worth the extra £40 over the similarly-powered Volt.

Exposure Joystcik MK10 2015 trail

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Weight:101 grams
Lumens:High - 829, Medium - 367, Low - 207
Run time:1.5, 3, 5 hours