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Electron F-650


Electron F-650 light review

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The F-650 uses twin LEDs, which means one can act as a spot, to punch light far down the trail, and the other can flood the area around your front wheel.

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It does a decent job too, with enough light to pick out the trail when both beams are illuminated. There are two other settings, flood only, or flood with pulsing, both of which are best left for road use.

Electron is owned by Madison, which also distributes GoPro, so the supplied helmet mount is really just a POV camera mount. It’s not great: ours came loose several times mid-descent, because there’s no curve to the mount’s base and there isn’t enough rubber to make it deform to the shape of your helmet. If you can get the strap tight enough, the unit doesn’t feel heavy or wobbly thanks to its low profile.

Electron F-650 2015 trail

While other lights in this test have might have improved year-on-year, the Electron has stood still, meaning it feels underpowered compared to the competition. That said, it’s still relatively cheap, is well made and comes with a helmet mount included in the box.

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Weight:194 grams
Lumens:High - 575, Low - 275
Run time:2.5, 5 hours