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Specialized Enduro Drirelease Merino 3/4 jersey


Specialized Enduro Drirelease Merino 3/4 jersey review


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Sometimes you get a special piece of kit you can’t put down like this Specialized Enduro Drirelease Merino 3/4 jersey top.

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I’ve worn it at least twice as often as any other jersey over the last year, and it not only fits and looks great, and is super soft against the skin, it’s also kept its shape and looks good after tens of wash cycles too.

Specialized Enduro Drirelease Merino

Merino wool’s renowned for that magic thing of keeping you warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot (and never getting too stinky), but whatever synthetic fibres Specialized has blended with the wool here to expel moisture for it’s ‘Drirelease’ formula, this fabric dries way faster than any other I’ve tried, which is a massive bonus since I sweat loads riding.

It’s so effective, this drying is to the point wind and cooling from one long downhill run can turn a saturated mess into a damp or even fully dry top. No other merino jersey I’ve owned performs that trick to this extent.

I’ve noticed other industry mates (who can presumably pick and choose riding kit) often wear this Spesh top too, which speaks volumes about the performance. I’d go even further though and rate as the best riding jersey I’ve owned; it’s that good.


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