Bold, bright long-sleeve jersey, but stay away from those Summer brambles.

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Endura MT500 Supercraft L/S Tee


  • Uses recycled fabric. Good breathability.


  • Long torso leads to mid-riff bunching. Poor durability.


Endura MT500 Supercraft L/S Tee LTD jersey review


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Endura’s MT500 line has become something of an icon over the past few years, it signifies the best in terms of design and performance and has come to dominate many a group test. Sadly, the MT500 Supercraft will not be featured among the best mountain bike jerseys.

Endura has used at least 80% recycled polyester for the jersey itself, while the plastic bag it comes in can be returned by stores to be chemically recycled. Twin that with the Scottish brand’s commitment to be carbon negative by 2024 and its repair policy and you can buy in all good conscience.

Riding in the MT500 Supercraft is comfortable thanks to its polyester build, very breathable construction and ability to wick away perspiration. The Supercraft’s cut for enduro or downhill, which means slim without being baggy, and there’s enough room underneath to take some body armour. It has a strange habit of flaring out towards the hem though, and coupled with the long torso length this makes it pretty unflattering as it bulges up around your middle. I guess that’s great if you’re a little chunky down there, but I found it bunched too much over the top of my shorts. Sleeve length is good, and the chunky cuffs hold them in place and stop air billowing up inside too.

Durability has been poor though, threads have been pulled in many places and as such it’s starting to look really shabby. There are not many details to speak of either, no flatlock seams, no goggle wipe, no key storage, and not much of a dropped hem.


Overall the MT500 Supercraft is a comfy and stylish place to be (if you like it loud). It’s well priced, but it’s not stood up to ferns and brambles well at all.


Colours:Blue, red
Women's version?:Yes