The Leatt MTB 2.0 jacket is made from a generic laminate with claimed 5,000mm waterproofness and 5,000g/m2/24hr breathability figures. (Tested by Alice Burwell with words by Alice and Paul Burwell)

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Leatt MTB 2.0 womens jacket


Leatt MTB 2.0 womens jacket review


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Compared to the other jackets on test, the Leatt MTB 2.0 jacket has quite low waterproofing and beathability figures, but the seams are not taped so its design brief seems similar to the Gore C5 In nium Hybrid’s – that is to say this is a jacket better suited to a quick ride rather than a full day in the rain.

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The material does have a four-way stretch though, and with the elastic waist, sits tight against the body, but if you have bigger hips this one may ride up. Still, there are five sizes, making it a good option for all body types.

A really useful feature on the MTB 2.0 is the magnet attached to the hood. There’s a sticky magnet included with the jacket and you put this on the top of your helmet which then holds the hood in place and stops it flying out when riding. However, the concept is better than the reality, as the hood doesn’t come that far forward over the helmet and is actually on the small size. Of course, you could run the hood under the helmet quite easily, but that would defeat the point of this feature.

Another thing that bothered our tester is the polka dot pattern on the inside of the jacket – it looks like something you would buy for a five-year old. This X-Flow mesh liner also tends to stick to your hands when they’re wet, and it also bunches up inside when you pull the jacket on.

The Leatt MTB 2.0 has a lot of features, but unfortunately at its core it’s just not that weather resistant; even the DWR coating doesn’t work that well and tends to wet out, causing water to cover the face fabric with a silky sheen, blocking the jacket’s ability to wick moisture. Reproofing may help, but that’s something we’d expect to have to do after a few months, not a few hours.

Tested by Alice Burwell with words by Alice and Paul Burwell.


Sizes:8, 10, 12, 14, 16