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7Mesh Revelation jacket


7Mesh Revelation jacket review


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For outdoor clothing fashionistas, Canadian brand Arc’teryx represents the YSL of waterproof garments. Well, the people who set-up 7Mesh all served their apprenticeships at Arc’teryx, and that should give you an insight into the quality and attention to detail built into every piece.

The Revelation waterproof mountain bike jacket was the first item in the range — and still represents its halo product — but it also enjoyed something of a coup when it was launched, by being the first cycling waterproof to use Gore-Tex’s advanced Pro fabric.

Just like the Polartec Neo used by Upper Downs, this three-layer membrane is designed to maximise breathability, although it does it in a different way. And that gives it different strengths and weaknesses over the Upper Downs jacket.

In a nutshell, albeit a very cosy nutshell, the 7Mesh repels water better than the Neo, which is a good thing considering its eye-watering price tag. Whether rolling down your cheeks, falling from the sky, or spraying up from your wheels, the Revelation will resist the worst soaking. However, we don’t live in the tropics, and most people don’t spend all day battering through a monsoon, so few riders will need this level of sealing.

Lengthy, and cleverly positioned, ventilation zips do a great job, and compared to most jackets it boasts excellent breathability, but it just can’t compete with the Neo.

7Mesh has gone all Savile Row with the cut of the Revelation. It’s about as tailored a jacket as you’ll find this side of Mayfair. Both jackets are hard to criticise for their fit, but the Gore Tex Pro fabric isn’t as light and supple as the stretchy Polartec Neo and can seem more restrictive at times.


Weight:290g (medium)
Fabric:Gore-Tex Pro