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Source Hipster Hydration Belt


Source Hipster Hydration Belt review


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The Source Hipster belt stands out from the bumbag fannypack crowd by having additional shoulder straps and an unusual reservoir design.

More brands than ever offering a bum bag as a less restrictive alternative to a full-on hydration pack.

The main compartment holds 1.5l with an extra stash pocket to house the hydration reservoir. The fabric is tough and tear-resistant, but relatively soft and thinly padded, so it hugs body contours well, but pointy luggage can poke through into your back more than stiffer designs.

Security and comfort from the waist belt and side wings is impressive, and even fully loaded the Hipster doesn’t wriggle loose like others do when descending. It’s so stable that I found the optional harness part mostly redundant, they actually eliminate a bumbag’s main benefits – the fact that you can twist the whole thing round on your waist to access you gear.

source hipster

One drawback of Source’s fast-flowing and clean-tasting bladder system is how much room it takes up. It’s hard to cram much more than a minimal tool kit and snacks in the slightly weird shaped main compartment, before the bulky, folding-topped reservoir eats into storage space.

The heavy insulated fluid hose also bounces free of its magnetic retainer far too easily. To stop it ending up in your spokes it really needs stashing securely. There are a couple of useful exterior lashes to strap a lightweight layer or jacket and several pockets for small items that don’t fit inside.

No hip pack I’ve tried yet is perfect, and Source’s pack could hold more kit for its overall dimensions, but at least it’s comfortable and is relatively hassle free. The £80 price is considerable but the Hipster is one of the better options around for carrying extra water without affecting your freedom of movement on the bike.


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