New helmet from Norway's Sweet Protection

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Score 9

Sweet Protection Trailblazer MIPs


  • Superb build quality with highly adjustable visor.


  • Couple of hot spots spoils the comfort a little.


Sweet Protection Trailblazer MIPS helmet review


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Technology featured on the Sweet Protection’s flagship £190 Bushwhacker II has trickled down to the new Trailblazer.

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Venting has been improved and there is a new STACC ventilation system, which are a couple of side vents that direct air over the temporal artery. Airflow is good but there are cooler running helmets on the market.

Inside the Trailbalzer gets a MIPs slip liner, which moves around a lot more easily than some. Padding is good quality, but there are loads of separate parts, so when you come to wash them it’s not as easy as single pad – you often get pad stuck to a bit of Velcro on some shorts and you never see it again.

To fine tune the fit the Trailblazer there’s a brand new Occigrip turn-dial retention device. This has a massive range of adjustment, but also does this in small increments, so can really fine tune the helmet to your head size. Unfortunately, there is a foam pad on the inside of the device that caused a bit of a hot spot on the back of our head. One of the contributing factors may be because the whole thing sits a bit high, even set in the lowest position.


Sizes:S/M, M/L, L/XL