New helmet from Norway's Sweet Protection

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Score 9

Sweet Protection Trailblazer MIPs


  • Superb build quality with highly adjustable visor.


  • Couple of hot spots spoils the comfort a little.


Sweet Protection Trailblazer MIPS helmet review


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Technology featured on the Sweet Protection’s flagship £190 Bushwhacker II has trickled down to the new Trailblazer.

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It uses the four-piece variable shell construction, which simply means four pieces of microshell are inserted into the mould when the helmet is formed. It’s strong but lightweight and has a slightly bigger and deeper sitting visor, which has a ton of pre-set positions and pivots right out of the way to enable you to stash a pair of giant goggles underneath. Strap management is not as keen as some here but there is a little ridge to guide the strap.

Venting has been improved and there is a new STACC ventilation system, which are a couple of side vents that direct air over the temporal artery. Airflow is good but there are cooler running helmets on the market.

Inside the Trailbalzer gets a MIPs slip liner, which moves around a lot more easily than some. Padding is good quality, but there are loads of separate parts, so when you come to wash them it’s not as easy as single pad – you often get pad stuck to a bit of Velcro on some shorts and you never see it again.

To fine tune the fit the Trailblazer there’s a brand new Occigrip turn-dial retention device. This has a massive range of adjustment, but also does this in small increments, so can really fine tune the helmet to your head size. Unfortunately, there is a foam pad on the inside of the device that caused a bit of a hot spot on the back of our head. One of the contributing factors may be because the whole thing sits a bit high, even set in the lowest position.


As we’ve come to expect from Sweet Protection, the quality of this helmet is top notch. It’s really well built and we love the two-tone finish, wide range visor and fit system. The latter is just a little uncomfortable, although to be fair this helmet fits so snug anyway, you don’t really have to do up that tight.


Sizes:S/M, M/L, L/XL