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MET Roam helmet


MET Roam helmet review


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MET Roam’s stylish shell has 22 vents and a significantly sculpted polystyrene interior to help drive air over to the exhaust ports littered all over.

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The Roam is Met’s latest all-mountain helmet available with or without MIPS in massive eight colours. It’s made out of three sections and finished in chunky-looking polycarbonate, with a tough, plastic rim round the edges.

met roam

The moulded, three-position peak is flexible to bend in a crash (rather than exerting leverage and twisting your head) and goes up high so there’s not only ample room for goggles, Met even goes full enduro and offers an integrated slot in the visor’s edge side to clip the strap into.

The Roam’s tensioning system has a band that wraps the skull entirely above the ears and is adjustable in three different axis. As well as squeezing tighter, the rear retention dial can shift up and down, and the two oval ‘cradles’ behind the ears shift left and right for extra fit tuning too.

met roam

Indexing on the tensioning band is quite light in all three directions though, and descending hard and flexing neck muscles looking forward, it’s possible to unintentionally pop open one ‘click’ on the retention dial while riding. It’s not a massive deal, or enough to upset the helmets stability, but not ideal either.

The build quality and solidity of the Roam is really top-notch. Like the latest Bell helmets, it feels solid and extremely comfortable on your head and also lightweight enough you almost forget you’re wearing it. Met’s offer has great airflow and cooling too, leaving just the price, and how craning your neck on the steepest descents can unwind the retention wheel, to consider.


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