Giro’s Chronicle MIPS is a bit of a halfway house between the Montaro and the now discontinued Sequence

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Overall rating:

Score 8

Giro Chronicle helmet


  • Solid feel.
  • Fits well.


  • No bottom wrapping.
  • Runs a little hot.


Giro Chronicle MIPS helmet review


Price as reviewed:


With 14 vents, the Giro Chronicle runs a little hot, but it’s the perfect helmet for harder trail riding — it’s also killer value.

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The Chronicle is Giro’s mid-tier trail helmet with deep, wrap-around coverage and styling that takes its cue from the brand’s flagship Montaro lid.

A few design changes keep the price more affordable; one being how it’s not fully wrapped in hard shell, so the polystyrene is exposed around the underside of the rim. There are smaller exhaust vents in the outer shell and different pads inside compared to the Montaro too.

Giro Chronicle

In extended use, however, we’ve found the Coolmax pads here last longer than the X-Static versions that peel apart too easily over time in Giro’s more expensive helmets. The super-comfy antimicrobial padding can absorb ten times its weight in moisture before wetting out and dries quickly too, so handles sweat build up well.

The Chronicle’s internal shape is a deep cavity that really cradles the head, so it feels solid and planted even before you fasten the chinstrap. It’s a cinch to tighten the rear Roc Loc 5 dial one-handed and the intuitive way Giro’s retention system works to change tilt angle and hold feels perfectly refined, hugging the edges of your head firmly but gently.

Giro Chronicle

Whether it’s the addition of the MIPS liner or the smaller vents, one significant issue is that this helmet runs really hot. The forehead area is reasonably cooled when riding, but the interior really builds up heat during extended efforts and isn’t the best at getting rid of it either.

Giro’s Chronicle is extremely comfortable and cosy, but runs hotter than the brand’s pricier Montaro, so, in common with Specialized Ambush Comp that offers a really floaty, well ventilated ride quality for a good price, it’s just a touch more of a compromise than the best on test.

The fit-like-a-glove Chronicle is definitely one of the comfiest lids here, but for a £100 a fully wrapped shell that better resists dings and knocks would be better and it’s also a bit toasty if you’re a rider that struggles with overheating.


Sizes:S, M, L