With Bontrager's WaveCel technology, the Blaze aims to keep you cool in the most heated of trail situations.

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Bontrager Blaze WaveCel


  • Fidlock magnetic buckle. Full wrap for durability. Superb Boa retention system.


  • Expensive. Heavy. Not the most comfortable option for all head shapes.


Bontrager Blaze WaveCel helmet review


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In our last helmet group test in search of the best MTB trail helmets we featured Bontrager’s Rally WaveCel but on this shootout we’ve been given an upgrade. The new Blaze gets the same WaveCel technology, which is a cellular plastic similar to the Koroyd honeycomb in the Smith Session and Forefront II, but it has a better finish and a few little upgrades.

The idea behind WaveCel is simple – the open cell construction allows air to flow in and out of the helmet and also provides structural rigidity but here’s the clever bit – not only does WaveCel act like a crumple zone, absorbing the really big hits, it can also deal with some of those low-key impacts and oblique forces.

Bontrager lines the helmet with a set of high-quality pads and also fits in a Boa retention system. This features the most precise dial on test – helmet adjustment is literally by the millimetre.

The helmet is bottom wrapped to reduce wear and the embedded straps come with adjustable side buckles and a Fidlock magnetic SNAP buckle. The visor is a little flimsy but the up/down adjustment creates enough space to park a pair of goggles. The Blaze has 13 vents and comes with a Blendr mount in one of them, so you can easily integrate a POV camera or one of Bontrager’s light accessories.


Compared to the Rally WaveCel, the finish on the Blaze is definitely a step up and the sizing is better too, although we could still feel some hard points on the inside. Air flow is as good as the Montaro II but it’s no lighter, generally doesn’t feel as comfortable and is more expensive. However, it does come with a 30-day unconditional guarantee, so if you don’t like the shape or fit you can always take it back.


Sizes:S, M, L