The Renthal FatBar Carbon 35 is probably one of the most sophisticated handlebars on the planet, and it’s got to be right up there when it comes to World Cup DH wins too. It's steeped with pedigree.

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Score 8

Renthal FatBar Carbon 35 Handlebar


  • Four rise options. Natural bar shape gives a neutral position


  • Too stiff for some riders. More trail feedback than with other carbon bars on test. Expensive


Renthal FatBar Carbon 35 handlebar review


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The Renthal Fatbar 35 Carbon is made from a fairly standard UD (uni-directional) carbon, but Renthal says these are layered and aligned to give a specific ride feel, which suggests this bar has a bit more vertical compliance than most. Compared to the Deity Skywire, there is some give in the bar to take the edge off impacts, but it’s not as plush as the Race Face SixC, or even Renthal’s aluminium FatBar.

Renthal keeps the options simple; there are four rises from 10 to 40mm in 10mm jumps. They all have a 35mm diameter, are 800mm wide, and feature the company’s distinctive shape, which is a 5° upsweep and 7° backsweep. There are 5mm cut lines on the control centres for accurate trimming, gradients in the centre to help alignment, and also some of that textured paint to stop the bar slipping in the clamp. Obviously, you need to be careful sliding the Renthal clamps over this area, because it can scuff up the surface.

Renthal Fatbar 35 Carbon and Apex stem

The Renthal Fatbar 35 Carbon and Apex stem combination makes for a great looking cockpit

Compared to the other bar shapes there’s only 1-2° difference, but the shape of the FatBar is one of the most natural here. and our hands fell into a really neutral position. We didn’t have to roll the FatBar excessively – it’s fit and forget.

However, the Fatbar 35 Carbon is stiff, and some MBR testers feel it’s too stiff. There’s plenty of efficiency when climbing, and if you want to change direction quickly on the trail it’s responsive, but we noticed quite a bit of feedback and vibration in rough terrain.


The FatBar Carbon has one of the best shapes, and is the lightest full-width bar out there, but the unforgiving ride feel and price are harder to swallow.


Rise:10, 20, 30 and 40mm