We've always loved the SixC bar in the past, will the latest incarnation live up to its legacy

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Race Face SixC


Race Face SixC handlebar review


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We’ve tested the 31.8mm diameter Race Face SixC several times in the past; it’s a lightweight carbon bar that has perfect proportions and great ride quality. In fact, it is so good we’ve not shied away from giving it the perfect ten.

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Thankfully the vital statistics and excellent performance have been carried over into the 35mm diameter option. It’s 20mm wider but gets the same 8° back sweep and 5° upsweep and is also available with a 10, 20 or 35mm rise.

If you compare the Race Face SixC to other high end carbon bars such as the Easton Havoc, you’ll see they’re similar weights, widths and even the same price, but what makes the Race Face the better bar is its blend of stiffness and resilience.

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The Havoc is stiffer, but the Race Face SixC seems more forgiving. It has started to scuff up in a few spots, but it’s the best bar we’ve tested in a long time and maintains its perfect record.

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Weight:221 grams