Nukeproof's Horizon components are always well designed and competitively priced for the performance they offer. We pitched the brand's Horizon V2 carbon handlebar against premium models from Renthal, Race Face and Deity in recent group test.

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Score 9

Nukeproof Horizon V2 Carbon Riser


  • Keenly priced. Loads of rise options. Available in 35mm or 31.8mm bar clamp diameters


  • Not as well damped as the Race Face SixC or One Up's alloy or carbon bar


Nukeproof Horizon V2 handlebar review


Price as reviewed:


We’ve tested the Nukeproof Horizon previously, and while that was only a year ago, the price has remained the same and is still ultra-competitive for a composite handlebar. With new carbon models from OneUp, does the Horizon carbon bars still rate as one of the best mountain bike handlebars? We reviewed it in our handlebar group test for our September 2023 issue of the magazine.

The Horizon V2 is still available in three rises and two widths, as well as 31.8mm and 35mm clamp sizes. All 12 options share the same 5º upsweep and 9º back sweep but we reckon Nukeproof measures these angles from a different centre line, because it doesn’t feel the same as the Deity Skywire bar, despite identical numbers. As a result, we did a bit more tweaking with the Horizon to get the angle just right.

Like most composite bars we’ve reviewed and rated, Nukeproof uses a unidirectional carbon in the main lay-up, but switches to denser and finer 3K carbon weave on the control centres to resist collar damage from grips, brake levers and the like. Nukeproof also covers this area with the same texture coating we found on the Deity and Renthal Fatbar carbon bars. This does mean you can run the controls slightly looser, but having to wiggle a tight clamp along this section can mark the bar. There’s a thick layer of lacquer, so it’s purely cosmetic, but it doesn’t feel nice putting scratch lines into the surface.

Nukeproof Horizon stem

Nukeproof Horizon range includes a stem. It scored 9/10 in our recent stem group test

In terms of ride feel, the Nukeproof has a bit more resilience compared to the Deity, but it’s still stiff. There’s not the damped effect you can feel with the Race Face SixC or the One Up Aluminium, and on a long, hard ride we could really feel it. If you really want all-day comfort, we recommend going down to the smaller 31.8mm bar and stem.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but we’re not fans of the Nukeproof's gloss finish, it scuffs too easily and looks cheap. We can’t argue with the price though. The Horizon V2 is a little weighty compared to other composite bars, but it has the biggest range of size and diameter options on test.


Rise:12, 25 and 38mm