We’ve put the One Up in this test with four other carbon bars because it’s brand new and it also has a unique patent pending oval cross-section that increases vertical compliance, while still offering horizontal stiffness for accurate steering.

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Score 10

OneUp Aluminium Handlebar


  • Two rise options. Coloured decals supplied. Tones down trail chatter and boosts comfort


  • Matt anodised finish scuffed up quickly. Only available in black.


One Up Aluminium handlebar review


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The OneUp Aluminium handlebar is offered in two rises and a single 800mm width. Cut marks on the control centres allow accurate trimming and, like the Race Face SixC, it does have a minimum cut width of 750mm – apparently below that and you don’t get the optimum amount of compliance.

The bar comes in stealth black, but you do get a set of colour decals in the box, which you have to apply yourself. It’s shot peened to increase the surface hardness and has a matt anodised finish, but it’s not the most durable coating and it did scuff up quite quickly.

OneUp Aluminium handlebar

The OneUp Aluminium bar is only available in black but ships with a pack of coloured decals

On paper this bar has 8° backsweep and a 5° upsweep, but it feels like One Up measures these numbers from the rise, rather than the centre line. To get the bar to feel right we had to roll it slightly forward.

If a bar feels harsh and transmits shock to your hands and body, you’re going to become fatigued, which means your grip strength starts to go and you then struggle to hold on. A bar that absorbs some of this harshness is a godsend, especially since we’re riding harder and faster and front ends have gotten bigger and stiffer. The OneUp technology does work, and really tones down that chatter and trail noise. It also takes that edge of those harsh spikes and means you can charge into the rough stuff, rather than having to ride around it.


The One Up Aluminium isn’t the lightest handlebar on test, nor is it the best finished, but if you suffer from numb hands or struggle for control, it’s a must-buy.


Rise:20mm and 30mm