Comfy and cushy, the Truvativ Descendant grips have a great feel, work well gloveless and are a massive improvement on previous SRAM grips.

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Score 8

Truvativ Descendant Grips


  • Soft and sticky compound, great damping


  • Can deflect around its core but remains secure on the bars. Thicker than other grips


Truvativ Descendant Grips review


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SRAM’s component division has produced Truvativ Descendant grips before, but with a sharp lockring on the outer edge of the bar as well as the inner, they were an immediate non-starter for me.

Thankfully, the design has now changed completely and like all the best mountain bike grips uses a single inner clamp with 3mm hex fastener and rubber that extends all the way to the outside of the handlebar and over the in-built plastic bar plug.

The Descendant uses a deformable chevron design to cushion the palm and a ribbed pattern underneath to press fingers into.

The compound is very soft and sticky with great damping thanks to the multiple rubber spines flexing and twisting as you ride.

This slight movement and deflection might not be to everyone’s taste though, and if you prefer a skinnier grip, it’s worth noting that the Truvativ Descendant Grips are also a tad thicker than most regular sized rivals.


A larger diameter grip that hits the sweet spot for tackiness and traction.