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Race Face Grippler


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  • Uncomfortable for long distance riding


Race Face Grippler grip review


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The Race Face Grippler is a low profile handlebar grip available in two different diameters, along with a huge range of colour options.

The Grippler (another great name) from Race Face is a perfect grip for those riders who like to know exactly where their hands are at all times.

Its significantly flared ends, effectively double flanges, mean that no more should you have to worry about slipping off the end of a handlebar.

The smoother grip pattern on the top part of the Race Face Grippler actually belies its level of grip. If you look carefully all those little Race Face logos on the underside are angled like little sharks fins to increase traction when pulling back on the bars. All the grooves help displace water as well, so wet weather hold is better than expected.

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Another neat touch is the way the rubber overlaps the double collars giving the second longest usable grip in the test.

Despite claims, it’s not a very comfortable grip over long periods. We did test the 30mm diameter but the actual grip diameter comes up more like 28mm, so would suit riders with smaller hands.

Race Face also make it in a 33mm option which might be a better shout if your hands are more like shovels. For the bike tarts in the audience the Grippler also comes in one of the widest colour ranges of any grip on the market.


The Race Face Grippler is a smaller diameter than many others so works well for smaller hands or those that like to wear padded gloves


Options:33mm or 30mm diameter
Colours:Black, Blue, Gum, Green, Yellow, Red, Purple, Magenta, Turquoise, Orange
Length:137mm total, 121mm grip