Finally, something out there that is a bit cheaper than its rivals.

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Giant Swage Lock-On grips


Giant Swage Lock-On grips


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MBR Editor’s Choice 2019: Giant Swage lock-on grips, £19.99

The Giant Swage grips are kind of like Ergon’s G-series lock-on grips but cost almost half as much. I also prefer them over Ergons anyway.

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Essentially the idea of the Giant Swage grips is a tapered grip with more rubber under your hand where it counts (and less inner sleeve plastic). It’s like a fat grip under most of your hand but a narrower grip under your thumb and forefinger area. Comfort and control combined.

These Swage grips are designed for downhill and enduro but I can’t see why Giant place such a restricted remit on them. They’re great for all types of mountain biking. At just over 100g they’re even XC weight weenie friendly.

The external tread pattern of the grip is very good with good slits all over for water drainage on top and nice finger ribbing on the underside. The integral plastic end capping is a bonus too. The rubber compound feels bob-on; not too unpleasantly sticky, nor too slippery firm.

It’s inside where the clever stuff lurks though really. The Swages are all about how much inner plastic lock-on sleeve can be removed before performance is compromised. There’s more rubber and less plastic between your hands and the handlebar. The result – combined with the tapered ergonomics – is the best riding grip I’ve encountered so far. They feel like a push-on, perform like a more expensive ergonomic grip and cost the same as a normal lock-on.

Finally, something out there that is a bit cheaper than its rivals.


Diameter:31mm tapering to 29mm
Lock-on collar colours:Black, blue, red, silver