Super comfortable but a bit slippery in the wet

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Ergon GD1 Factory grip


Ergon GD1 Factory grip review


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To fit different hand sizes, the Ergon GD1 Factory grip is offered in 29 and 32mm diameters and like all Ergon designs, it’s left and right specific.

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It also features a single lock-on collar with gradients for precise angle adjustment. The rubber compound is slightly softer that Ergon’s standard grips but the thinner diameter does mean there’s less of it, so the grip does feel pretty unyielding in the hand. We like the small flange – there’s something to butt up against – and the way the rubber also extends outwards over the end caps, so there’s no sharp edge.

The GD1 is tapered and has smooth surface where you thumb and finger, so feels super comfortable. Unfortunately, this area can get slippery in the wet. We’d definitely recommend riding in gloves to up the purchase with this one.