Loco motion

Nail guns, circular saw, wild dogs, raw sewage and lots and lots of steps. This is a great look behind the scenes of Tasco urban downhill event.

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Here’s something suitably startling and eye-popping to kick off your working week. A behind the scenes look with Brendan ‘Brendog’ Fairclough at the infamous Taxco urban downhill event in Taxco, Mexico.

As well as the excitement and scares of the practice runs and the race runs, the cool thing about this particular video is that is details all the stuff that goes on during the week or so leading up to race day. Brendan’s brother (Christian Fairclough) is one the team who have the contract to build the course so Brendan – and Olly Wilkins – heads out ten days before the event and help Christian build it.

Nail guns, circular saws and a conspicuous absence of Health & Safety all make for a fascinating peek behind the scenes.

As Brendog says, the crazy, hectic and awesome people of Taxco make for an enviable location for a race like this one. The steep staircases and open mini-square area are the icing on the cake.

The only other comparable urban downtown spot is Valparaiso. Basically, Valparaiso is Red Bull’s urban DH and Taxco is Monster Energy’s urban DH. Which is best? It doesn’t matter really. They’re both amazing. Let’s just be thankful that fizzy pop keeps putting on bike events like these.

Oh, and here’s a bonus POV of a practice run from Brendan, Sam Pilgrim and Adolf Silva…

Video description

Monster Energy: “Brendan Fairclough takes us behind the scenes of one of the most intense down hill mountain bike events of the year… The Down Hill Taxco!”