These Madison Zenith 4-Season gloves are a year-round UK bad weather glove using a windproof, showerproof and breathable fabric.

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Madison Zenith 4-Season DWR Glove


Madison Zenith 4-Season DWR Glove review


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The cuff on the Madison Zenith 4-Season DWR glove extends further up the wrist to help keep the elements out and there’s a micro- fleece lining for more insulation on colder days.

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Competitively priced, they strike a good balance between warmth and not getting too sweaty, and there’s a large, softer fabric, nose wipe on the thumb. The bulk-free palm comprises small silicone dimples which are also present on the finger tips. There’s also reinforcing webbing between thumb and index fingers.

Maybe due to the latter, the Zenith doesn’t feel quite as unrestrictive or forgettable while riding as the best cold/wet weather gloves – I’m talking here, of course, about the 100% Brisker gloves.

Still, this Madison Zenith 4-Season DWR Glove is a solid effort that handles rain and splashes without getting too saturated and also costs less than rivals.


Sizes:M - XXL