Every so often a pair of gloves simply fit better than the rest. I’m not alone in being frequently disappointed in this area; who’d have thought it would be so hard to engineer a product that, er, fits like a glove?

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ION Scrub Glove


ION Scrub Glove review


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These Ion Scrubs score where others often fail by misjudging finger length and thumb bridges, which leads to palms creasing, material bunching and a loss of sensitivity and connection at the grip.

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The Scrubs not only fit well, they kept chill winds off without getting too hot, and have lasted longer with stitching and seams intact than other similar minimal, thin-palmed models I’ve really rated such as the discontinued Troy Lee Sprints.

If the cut was more pre-shaped and curved, so they defaulted more to a ‘gripped’ rather than ‘flat’ hand like that TLD glove, I’d score these even higher as they always feel a bit better after a wash and a few hours’ riding to ‘bed’ in. Value is good too at just over £20 and you can find them even cheaper online with a bit of hunting.


Sizes:S - XXL