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Ion Scrub Amp Protection Vest

The Ion Scrub Amp Protection Vest is an impressively lightweight piece of body armour that offers performance and comfort good enough for us to rate it among the best body…

Score 8

Ion K-Sleeve AMP

The new Ion K-Sleeve AMP knee pad ups protection levels over its predecessor and is now a slip-on Lycra-style tube with a removable, pre-shaped, kneepad.

Score 8

Ion Scrub gloves

Every so often a pair of gloves simply fit better than the rest. I’m not alone in being frequently disappointed in this area; who’d have thought it would be so…

Score 9

Ion Shelter pant

We’ve tried most riding trouser options on the market, and these Ion Shelter Softshell Pants are a relatively new addition to try.

Score 7

ION 3-layer Traze Amp short

If you want to continue enjoying your riding you need good waterproof kit like this ION 3-Layer Traze Amp short from German brand Ion.

Score 9

Ion Scrub Select

Ion Scrub Select is their slightly heavier-duty, DH-style trouser using stiffer DWR-coated fabrics together with thinner, more flexible ones.

Score 8

ion shelter softshell

ION Shelter Softshell jacket is a hooded jacket which comes across more technical hoodie than thick soft shell. It uses double-woven, 4-way stretch fabric.

Score 8

ion raid ii

Ion offers a couple of flat pedal shoe options with the Ion Raid II flat shoe being the cheapest at a hair under eighty quid.

Score 8

ION Rascal

Having only one clipless shoe model in the range has meant the pressure has been on for ION to produce a shoe that stands up to the requirements of clipless…

Score 9

best mountain bike knee pads

Comfort and breathability are superb, even in the hottest temperatures abroad, but stability is less than perfect.

Score 8