Fox Flex Air gloves have stretch mesh panels between each finger to increase air, while the contoured cut of the fingers give them a second-skin like fit.

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Fox Flex Air Gloves


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Thanks to the Fox Flex Air Gloves’ wafer-thin palms, comfort really is first rate, and even though I’ve only had them for a handful of months, the Flex Air gloves quickly became my go-to option, even if they are not the only gloves I use. Given the relatively light use, I was somewhat surprised to see my palms poking through both gloves on a recent ride. Yes, the gloves have “true feel” printed on the palms, but I’m pretty sure you’re not actually supposed to feel the grips directly on your skin. I’m also confident that the accelerated wear is due to the close-fitting cuff design of the glove. With no Velcro closure to make fitting easier, tugging on the cuffs to pull the gloves on has probably been the undoing of the stitching.

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And, durability is not the only problem with the Flex Air gloves. Get them wet and the grippers on the fingertips that are so effective in dry conditions become slicker than Teflon, to the point where you can hardly feel your brake levers. At least the conductive thread on the index fingers means you can still post about your experience on Insta or order a different pair of gloves.

Yes, I’m disappointed that for £35 the Fox Flex Air gloves haven’t made it close to the six month mark before falling apart, but I’m absolutely gutted that the most comfortable gloves that I’ve tried in ages won’t be joining on another ride.


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