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Endura Humvee Lite


  • Thin but durable palm.
  • Breathable and comfortable.
  • Colours.


  • Not smartphone compatible!


Endura Humvee Lite glove review


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Apparently the Humvee is Danny MacAskill’s favorite, and in his hands they are more magician’s gloves than cycling gloves. We didn’t develop any superhuman riding skills when we pulled them on, but we were charmed by their simplicity and outright comfort. Danny Mac requires maximum feel and dexterity when he rides, and these gloves deliver on both counts. Lightweight, breathable and durable, at under £20 they’re an absolute bargain.

The Endura Humvee Lite glove is a super light trail glove that offers almost bare hand feel at the bar.

Endura Humvee Lite review

First up, these gloves do not magically endow you with Danny’s god-like bike handling skills. With this disappointment out of the way, the good news is for us mere mortals is the Endura Humvee Lite is a most excellent way of covering your hands for riding.

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Super thin palm

The beauty of the Humvee Lite lies in its deceptive simplicity. The synthetic leather palm is broken up by a single line of stitching at the base of the thumb, separating it to create more dexterity. This aside, the unbroken palm and finger area provide almost bare hand like bar feel. The addition of silicon grippers help to retain grip even in the roughest conditions. Endura also perforate the palm and fingers to encourage a little air flow to keep things cool and minimise sweaty palms. The two most important fingers also see the palm material wrap further around the tips to further digit protection. I can also vouch for their durability, having saved my palms from the sharp rocks of Finale Ligure and South Wales on more than one occasion without looking too battle scarred.

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Perfect fit

The other area Endura has hit spot on is the fit. It’s a rare thing to find a glove that not only fits well across the palm but also has a finger length that puts your finger tips in the right place without being too tight. They do really fit like a glove!

Endura eschew velcro straps in favour of a minimalist, stretchy backing to keep the Humvee Lite in place. This prevents any pressure points but does have it’s draw backs. If you have particularly wide hands then the repeated stretching will end up reducing the life of the glove, and that’s if you can get your hand in in the first place. The lighter weight mesh is also prone to snagging on brambles and horns, something to consider if you spend any time rooting about in the undergrowth. Fortunately, whilst not exactly throw-away at £19.99, they are very reasonably priced so you probably won’t be devastated if they only function properly for a year. And the fact they come in loads of colours means you can get a pair for pretty much every day of the week.


A perfect trail glove for riders that really like to feel the bars. We can see why Danny says the Humvee Lite is his favourite glove.


Sizes:S, M, L, XL, XXL
Colours:Red, Petrol, Mulberry, Matt black, Camouflage, Blue, Black