A Scotsman and a Swiss meet on a trail … What sounds like the beginning of a joke is actually the beginning of a great tourism promo video.

>>> Watch and wince: Claudio Caluori does cyclocross

In a pairing seemingly designed the break the internet, Claudio and Danny Mac team up to ride some fantastic looking trails in Caluori’s homeland of Switzerland.

In an area called Graubuenden. The video has been put together to promote mountain biking in the area and there’s an accompanying website that is, for once, actually very good and actually useful. Go check it out and you can see for yourself where each bit of the video was filmed.

Video description

Grabunden: “No summit is too high, no trail too steep, no gorge too deep. And with that, Danny takes the Graubünden motto «everything is ridable» to a whole new level.

“What is the name of the never-ending flow trail that Danny MacAskill and Claudio Caluori clearly enjoy in the video «Home of Trails»? At which alpine hut do the two jump from the terrace? And where is the house where the Scotsman performs a front flip? Discover more about the spots from the video.

“«There’s something seriously wrong with that dude!» With these words, Claudio Caluori comments on the stunt of Danny MacAskill at the imposing bridge in the canyon. Claudio, suffering from fear of heights, turned quite pale in the face as the Scottish world star balanced on the terrain wall over a roughly 84-meter-deep abyss.

“The small Pra da Punt bridge spans the Tasnan mountain stream near the rustic mountain village of Ardez in a rather unspectacular manner. But for Danny MacAskill, it is the perfect playground. In the «Home of Trails» video, the Scottish star cannot resist to leave the trail and jump from the new to the old stone bridge. Below him: a rough mountain stream. Next to him: an impressed Claudio Caluori.

“In Müstair, a rustic mountain village in Val Müstair, Danny MacAskill was able to prove his street trial skills. A wooden roof at an old house proved itself as a perfect ramp for a front flip. Even Danny MacAskill reached his limits in this stunt which can be seen in the «Home of Trails» video. One of the most spectacular tricks the Scottish world-class rider has ever pulled off on a mountain bike on the road.”