Well shaped eye protection with easy lens swapping.

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Scott Spur


  • Frame design syncs well with helmets.
  • Lens tints excel in mixed light.


  • Larger frame width might not suit all face shapes.


SCOTT Spur sunglasses review


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Your choice of eyewear needs to be based on both protection and looks. Fortunately these bases are covered with the Scott Spur.

This is Scott’s performance style eyewear aimed at providing a full coverage design perfect for riding in. That’s not to say you can’t wear them to the pub, just that they definitely have an ‘on-bike’ mentality.

Scott Spur sunglasses

The dropped frame/raised lens design has been chosen to mate well with helmets with more temple coverage – think Giro Chronicle et al. And it’s a design that works well; the Spur is certainly one of the more comfortable pairs of glasses on the market. Snug fitting without being too tight and the flattened/dropped arms slip neatly under helmets and straps.

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Scott Spur

The dropped arms help the Spur fit with most helmets.

Scott has also shoehorned in a clever slide system into the frame to enable simple lens swaps (Scott provide each pair with a mirrored/tinted lens and a clear lens).

To remove a lens, fold the arms back and slide the small section of frame below the ‘S’ icons backwards. Then it’s a case of simply pulling the lens out, swapping the nosepiece and pushing the new lens in place, easy!

Scott Spur

Clear vision

Talking about the lens, the red Chrome Amplifier lens is one of the better mountain bike lenses out there. Providing a decent level of UV protection, it comes into its own in the woods.

In typical lower light conditions it accentuates colours and trail features, making it feel like you have enhanced eyesight.

It is a little too light for proper bright sunshine, but the upside to that is it can be used in near dark conditions so is perfect for evening riding. Depending on your preferences, the Spur is available with a LS (photochromic) version.

Scott Spur

The lens/frame shape suits medium to large face profiles.

The only issue I can see with the Spur is it has a shape more suited to medium to large faces. Riders with a slim face shape might be better off with another style.


The Scott Spur is one of the better sets of riding glasses on the market. The easy lens swapping and comfortable fit are two of its plus points, along with an excellent lens tint perfect for mountain biking.


Colours:Matt black/grey, Matt black/red chrome amplifier, White matt/gold chrome amplifier, White matt/gold chrome, Blue/blue chrome amplifier, Neon green/green chrome amplifier, Neon red/red chrome amplifier, Dark blue/red chrome