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We regularly trawl the online retailers for the very best mountain bike helmets deals. Here’s this month’s current offers on excellent trail riding helmets.

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Mountain bike helmets deals – under £30

mountain bike helmets deals

GT Helion All Mountain helmet – £44.99 – £14.99

Yes, that price is correct. it’s not a typo. An impressively contemporary looking lid form GT. Eighteen vents. Two sizes (this isn’t a cheapy unisize jobber). Adjustable fit system.

Mountain bike helmet deals – under £80

mountain bike helmets deals




MET Parabellum – £129.99 – £69.85

Light in weight. Airy in ventilation. MET have a strong pedigree in making helmets that you can easily forget that you’re wearing due to their lack of mass and lack of overheating. The looks may not be for everyone – ifyou’re looking for an enduro-roundhead aesthetic look elsewhere.

mountain bike helmets deals


MET Lupo – £99.99 – £34.99

Do you like pink? Or do you own a very effective black marker pen? Because if the answer is yes to either of those questions, this excellent £100 helmet can be yours for thirty five earth pounds. £35!

mountain bike helmets deals

Scott Stego MTB helmet – £119.99 – £69.99

It’s all too easy to skip over Scott’s apparel and protection range, the mistake being to think that’s it’s only really intended for Scott bike owners. Scott stuff is excellent. This MIPS equipped lid is a splendid bargain.

mountain bike helmets deals


Cube AM Race MTB helmet – £89.99 – £44.99

This is a similar story to the Scott helmet above. The difference here being that Cube’s stuff is solid, entry-level to mid-range stuff (whereas Scott’s stuff is almost pseudo high end). A nice colourmatched lid with a modest peak and decent venting.

mountain bike helmets deals

Louis Garneau Edge helmet – £74.99 – £44.99

Louis Garneau are an exclusive to Evans Cycles quasi in-house brand and as such there’s something of a middleman aspect cut out of the whole retailing chain which helps keep the price down. Especially so when they end up in the sale like this one.

mountain bike helmets deals

Fox Clothing Metah helmet – £100.00 – £49.99

The Fox Metah goes away with the quantity of vents and instead concentrates on the quality of vents. Ten vents is a modest amount but just look et’ em – they’re huge. There’s a red white and blue colourway as well as this subtle grey number.

mountain bike helmets deals

MET Lupo – £99.99 – £59.99

Yep, this is the same helmet as the pink accented one listed above. But this time there’s no pink on it. And although there is no pink tax to pay, the price is still an attractive sub-£60 affair. Which is nice.

mountain bike helmets deals

Troy Lee Designs A1 helmet – £129.99 – £43.49

Now that the TLD A2 helmet is out there it’s possible to find some great deals on the previous version: the TLD A1. It’s something of a modern classic actually and certainly doesn’t look passé or anything less than stylish. Troy Lee stuff is sorta timeless really.

Mountain bike helmet deals – over £80

mountain bike helmets deals

Sweet Protection Bushwhacker MIPS Carbon helmet – £199.99 – £119.99

An aspirational helmet from an aspirational brand. Over a hundred pounds is still a fair amount to shell out for a helmet but try to concentrate on the saving. Eighty quid saving. Eighty quid saving. It’s not a £120 outlay, it’s a £80 saving.

Happy helmet hunting!

You can see there are a lot of very good helmets in this collection, and it is really hard to pick a winner. That’s not a cop-out, it’s just that most manufacturers have really upped their game recently and are producing some cracking lids. You’ll not go wrong with any of these helmets.