The new Prizm lens is truly stunning

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Oakley Jawbreaker review


Oakley Jawbreaker review


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The Oakley Jawbreaker features a large wrap-around lens and extended field of view above the nose.

It also comes with the company’s new Prizm lens technology, which is specifically designed for mountain biking, and the subtle differences in dirt conditions on a trail.

The lens also features Oakley’s patented High Definition Optics, and is pin sharp, with absolutely zero distortion.

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The frame has interchangeable Switchlock lens technology, so by flipping up the nosepiece, the lower frame swings down and the lens pops out.

The arms are also adjustable, which is great for tailoring the fit to or reducing conflict with a low profile helmet.

The new Prizm lens is truly stunning, the way it highlights the trail in all light conditions has to be seen to be believed, but the problem I have is that it scratches much too easily.

It’s vented, but it sill fogs up in humid conditions, and this means it needs cleaning more often — and that’s when you risk scratching them. Even a tiny spec of dirt rubbed against the lens will leave a mark, and with spare Prizm lenses costing £80, that’s an expensive proposition.

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I’d really like to see Oakley develop a harder wearing coating for the lens, because it really is a class act, and this increased durability would certainly justify the extra cost.

The Jawbreaker offers great protection and an amazing fit, I’ve just had to dock a point because you must treat it with kid gloves when riding off-road.