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Torq Explore Flapjack


Torq Explore Flapjack review


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This Explore range of Torq flapjacks has had me hooked since it first appeared in my local bike shop. Of the five flavours, Organic Carrot Cake’s my pick, but all blends share a signature sticky, moist hit with a syrupy chew that’s more like afternoon cake than stodgy, hard-to-swallow, energy bar.

Torq’s products are all organic, and these flapjacks are also vegan-friendly, with 43g of carbohydrate per bar. They’re sweeter and not as performance-focused as the brand’s energy bars, but I’m no athlete, and for a tasty energy hit while riding that’ll keep me going for a bit longer, these Explore bars are fantastic, with or without a brew.


Box of 20:£33.00
Size:65g bar