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Trek Fuel Exe 9.9 XX1 AXS

Say hello to the brand new Trek Fuel EXe, a mid-powered electric mountain bike with some very interesting features, not least the TQ motor which is compact and quiet. With…

Score 8

Haibike AllMtn CF12

Haibike has been producing contenders for the best e-bike award longer than most. And by only producing e-bikes it’s not tied to building electric versions of existing analogue bikes in…

Forestal Cyon

A newcomer on the scene, young upstart Forestal is aiming to mix it up with the best electric mountain bikes on the market. And in this test we take a…

Score 7

When Specialized launched the Levo SL back in 2020, it was going where no mountain bike brand had ever gone before. And while it wasn’t really a moonshot, it was…

Score 8

Scott Lumen

There’s a new e-bike in town. It defines a whole new category, boasts a benchmark super low weight, and is designed to tempt e-bike naysayers with the promise of extra…


The Specialized S-Works Turbo Kenevo SL works its magic in many different ways, but at the root of them all is its superb blend of stability and agility.

Score 8

While there’s a long line of brands promising lightweight, mid-powered e-bikes, Forestal has already delivered not one, but two models, both with 29in wheels. There’s the 150mm travel Cyon for…

Score 8

Photo of the Canyon SpectralON CFR standing against a landscape

The new Canyon Spectral:ON CFR is a 155mm-travel eMTB with MX wheels, powered by a Shimano EP8 motor. It’s longer and lighter with more battery capacity than previous models, not…

Photo of black Moustache Samedie e-mountain bike on rocks with a landscape view behind

The competitively-priced Moustache Samedi Game 11 from the French e-bike specialists is an enduro-ready eMTB with a large capacity 750Wh battery for riding further, longer and faster, plus 29er wheels…

Santa Cruz Heckler CC AXS RSV (2022)

The original Santa Cruz Heckler didn’t set the world alight: with updated geometry, bigger wheels and a larger capacity battery, Santa Cruz aims to take on the best electric mountain…

Scott Patron eRide 900 Tuned

Scott’s futuristic new Patron eRide aims to be one of the best electric bikes on the market, and comes packed with features, such a remote lockout, hidden shock and optimised…

Yeti 160E

Long-awaited Yeti 160E T1 e-bike is built to race with a complex six-bar linkage that claims to bring efficiency and composure on the roughest descents.

Whyte E-180 RS V3

The Whyte E-180 RS V3 is self-shuttling gravity enduro machine with 170mm travel out back, paired with a 180mm fork and the Bosch system.