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Pivot Shuttle AM Pro

Finale Ligure, Italy, the outdoor region famed for its 1000km trail network all within riding distance of the picturesque coastal town. The ideal place to launch an uplift dodging e-bike?…

Trek Rail 9.7 2023 eMTB review

The last time we rode the Trek Rail we awarded it our 2021 E-Bike of the Year crown in the shop bought category. Since then we haven’t had another chance…

Score 8

Canyon Neuron:ON 2023

Canyon has another new e-bike; the redesigned Neuron:ON. But does it complement the recently released Strive:ON, Torque:ON, and award-winning Spectral:ON, or does it just muddy the waters? We take it…

The Greyp G6.6 electric mountain bik

If you are a modern e-bike brand that was originally part of Rimac Automobili, the high-end electric sports car company, and then you are bought by Porsche, chances are you’re…

Direct Sale electric mountain bike of the year 2023 Canyon Spectral:ON CF 9 electric mountain bike

There aren’t many e-bikes designs that can boast the gen 3 tag, but because Canyon was in on the ground floor of e-bike development the Spectral:On is one such model…

Score 9

Pivot Shuttle SL 29 XTR is the 2023 MBR Lightweight Electric Mountain Bike of the Year

Lightweight, mid-power e-bikes are the hot ticket right now, and none are coming in hotter than the new Shuttle SL from Pivot. Based on a 29er trail bike platform that…

Score 9

Specialized Turbo Levo Comp 2023 - shop bought eMTB of the year

Shortly after we finished our last E-Bike of the Year test, Specialized comprehensively updated its Turbo Levo with new sizing, geometry and a swish display embedded in the top tube.…

Score 9

Vitus E-Sommet VRX 2023

When we first tested the Shimano EP8 equipped Vitus E-Sommet VRX back in 2021, we were impressed by the build kit and competitive pricing. But the bike was harder to…

Score 8

YT Decoy Core MX 4

Say hello to the 2023 YT Decoy Core 4 MK 1.35. Okay, so the MK1.35 tag isn’t part of its official title, we added that ourselves. But seeing as YT…

Score 8