"Build quality is exceptional". Reader review by Tom Law.

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Hope Race Evo E4 disc brake


Hope Race Evo E4 disc brake review


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Hope Race Evo E4 takes the performance of the solid all rounder E4 caliper and sheds a few more precision grams with titanium bolts as standard.

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Reader review by Tom Law | Trail/XC rider

What rotor size?
183mm front and rear.

How long have you had it?

Six months.

Tell us about the features. Lever reach, bite point adjust, ease of pad replacement etc.

Stripped back features for lighter weight, with tooled reach adjust and no bite point adjustment. The pads are top loading so easy to replace and the levers are matchmaker compatible so sync nicely with my SRAM shifters and Reverb 1x Remote.

How easy is it to bleed?

Incredibly easy to bleed, as with all Hope brakes. Though they still use DOT fluid when mineral oil seems to be more popular than ever before.

How powerful is the disc brake?

The Race Evo E4 has plenty of power, but you have to work to get it. Unlike some brakes the power comes very late in the lever travel, so those who prefer a brake to bite instantly might to look elsewhere or go for the regular Tech 3 lever, as the bite point adjustment on that lever should help this. Those looking for more punch will be best served with the V4.

How much feel and modulation does the disc brake offer?

Modulation is incredibly good, with excellent control on steep terrain and in slippy conditions. Offers excellent feedback and feels significantly less on/off compared to other brand brakes. Modulation is as good as the best.

Ergonomics. How does the brake lever feel and function?

Dinky lever and master cylinder takes up little space on the bar and syncs nicely with shifters and remotes. The drilled lever might help with grip but personally would prefer the lever to have a more pronounced hook at the end of the lever, as my finger has slipped off on occasion. A lever with a bigger hook would alleviate this. Lever is also very thin and while it’s fine for my small hands bigger riders might want a broader lever blade.

What sort of riding does this disc brake work best in? XC racing, trail riding, enduro, downhill etc.

Perfect for fast trail riding and heavy XC use, but riders who frequent steeper terrain on heavier enduro bikes should probably look at the V4.

Reliability. How well has the disc brake stood up to use? How frequently does it require bleeding? etc.

Haven’t missed a beat so far. The brakes squeal slightly at low-speed but otherwise they have been faultless, previous Hope brakes have gone years between bleeds so should be fine in this sense.

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While not the most powerful the modulation and build quality is exceptional. They are clearly beautifully made and should last for years with minimal maintenance. Would be nice to see them use mineral oil rather than corrosive DOT fluid and more power would increase their performance in steeper terrain for heavier riders. With a few tweaks they would be easily worthy of top marks. Not cheap, but you pay for the quality, reliability and back up from Hope, so definitely worth it. Rating: 9/10.


Features:CNC machined in Barnoldswick, England. Lightweight Alloy Race Evo lever with Titanium bolts as standard. 9.74 caliper with all mount options. 2014 T6 aluminium alloy. Wide angle hose connector mount. Top entry pad fitting. Fixed or floating rotor. Lightweight Black hose. 160, 183 + 203mm rotor sizes. Rotor and mounts not included.