The Avid DB3 is a very capable mountain bike disc brake… after you set it up

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When our Avid DB3 set arrived with uncut hoses, the thought of having to trim and bleed both brakes was almost enough to bring us out in a rash. And when we got a little of the corrosive DOT 4 fluid on our skin, it literally did just that.

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The bleed kit itself is another £30, and you’ll also need a workstand and plenty of patience to do get the job done properly. Two hose lengths are available, 950mm and 1800mm, and we obviously got sent two rears.

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Pain though they were to set up, our efforts were rewarded by great modulation, a really comfortable lever shape and the best power in the group. The DB3 only took a couple of hard stops to bed in, and from then on it performed with absolute consistency and gave us huge confidence on a wide variety of trails.

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With the lever pivot really close to the bar, you get improved control — one-finger braking is all you need. We like the split clamp too, and its compatibility with Matchmaker mounts lets you clean up your cockpit, but it’s the impressive feel and power that really makes the Avid DB3 stand out.

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Weight:brake 343g, rotor 161g
Rotors:160mm, 180mm and 200mm