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SRAM X01 Eagle DUB chainset


SRAM X01 Eagle DUB chainset review


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SRAM X01 Eagle DUB chainset is rated for enduro and uses carbon arms with a structural foam core and the forged and machined, top-tier, X-Sync 2 chainring.

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With the new SRAM DUB bottom bracket fitment, SRAM’s latest chainsets are totally reengineered.

All DUB cranks use a new spindle that’s permanently fixed to the non drive side. For more stiffness and weight saving, SRAM’s new aluminium axle is a hair under 29mm, a big leap up from the older (steel) 24mm one and closer to an oversized 30mm spindle. The new axle’s extra mm of space (over 30mm designs) sounds minimal, but it allowed engineers to better seal the BB against contamination and ensure lifespan is at least as good as the older GXP with its bigger balls. The latest chainsets are compatible with all current frame sizes with the correct BB too.

SRAM’s carbon cranks have improved incrementally over time with longer pedal thread inserts and superior fibre lay ups. There might be stiffer cranks on the market, but as a heavier flat pedal rider, it’s clear how much sturdier the latest generation is; especially resisting twisting outwards under wide platform’s extra leverage, and there’s less distortion landing jumps and hitting rock bottom in deep compressions.

On the same carbon bike, this latest DUB X01 crank instantly feels tauter and pedals tighter circles under max power than the 24mm version it replaced. I ride loads and in terms of BB sealing and lifespan, zero issues in six month’s is a solid track record, and better than I’m used to with older GXP BBs; particularly when that includes jet washing, foreign trips and hundreds of kilometres in wet grit.

One often-overlooked piece of the SRAM jigsaw is the quality of the X SYNC 2 ring and how it interacts with the rounded-inside Hard Chrome Eagle chain. Retention and wear life is superb, and it’s noticeably smooth and efficient pedalling with less friction than rival systems, to the point it feels almost a gear easier swapping between bikes.


The latest XO1 chainset costs almost £500, but it’s lighter and stiffer than previously and totally bombproof. Around 150g less than GX-level aluminium Eagle cranks, it’s easy to turn over, and has proven strong enough to handle the hardest riding. The cherry on top is the better-sealed DUB system appears to offer more durability than precious SRAM BB options too.


Weight:479g (170mm, 32t)
Sizes:170, 175mm
Colours:Black, red