A dual purpose brush that's designed to rinse as you scrub.

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Fenwicks Flow Through brush


  • Saves time dunking into a bucket and rinsing.


  • Doesn't fit into awkward spaces. Not effective at scrubbing. Delivers more of a dribble than a soaking.


Fenwicks Flow Through Brush review


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Cleaning your bike after a muddy ride is a chore at the best of times, so anything that makes this process easier – such as one of the best mobile pressure washers – is to be welcomed. In theory, Fenwicks Flow Through Brush looks like the ideal tool – it’s basically a pointy brush that you attach to a regular hose pipe and when you press the blue switch water squirts out of holes in the end. The idea is you don’t have to keep dipping your brush in a bucket as you move around the bike. The conical shape pushes easily into nooks and crannies, and the bristles are also soft, so they won’t damage the paintwork.

However, in practice it’s not particularly effective, and there a number of reasons for that. It’s too big to get into those spaces where dirt gets clogged – like in between the chainring and frame. The shape and soft bristles also mean this lacks the ability to scrub dirt off the tyres or the drivetrain, like a regular brush. Water does spray out of the end of the brush while you work but the holes are quite big, so water just comes out in a bit of dribble and doesn’t really soak the bristles or knock off any dirt.


To be fair, the Fenwicks Flow Through Brush is more of a rinsing tool than something that shifts dirt, and it does that job very well, but I found it mostly wastes water. I appreciate you can turn it on and off to mitigate usage but a standard brush you dip in a bucket is more economical and just as effective for overall cleaning.