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SDG Bel Air 3.0 saddle

With a winning saddle in your range it’s really easy for a redesign to fall flat, but the SDG Bel-Air 3.0 is a definite step up, and deserves top marks.

Score 10

SDG Thrice grip

SDG Thrice grip is comfortable, light in weight and offers good value, plus it comes in a load more colours, which brightens anyone's day.

Score 9

SDG Bel Air 2.0

A lot of product come and go but SDG got the shape of the Bel Air saddle right about 20 years ago, you can still buy this saddle now as…

Score 10

SDG Radar

If you look up the new SDG Radar saddle on the SDG website you’ll see it does everything - Enduro, all-mountain, trail and XC.

Score 8

The titanium-alloy rails, low weight and excellent performance easily justify the price

Score 9